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Jerry Salfi got his first taste of the blues listening to Joe Williams and Billie Holiday on scratchy 78 rpm records. He started as a lead singer in his first band 36 years ago. Not content to stay in the background as a bass player Jerry, took his cue from Jack Bruce and Tim Bogart stepping out front both vocally and instrumentally. After years of playing in bands ranging from power trios to ones with horn sections, Jerry and his trusted companion, a 1964 P-Bass, have come home to their roots and the
George Tirpko has been in love with the guitar since he was 13 years old. His influences have ranged from Buddy to BB, Christian to Cray and of course, Wes, Jim and Stevie Ray. Throughout the years george has been involved with many bands and has played many gigs. Today, George adds his polished style to produce the perfect mix, playing the blues with an edge so fine you will keep coming back for more, in the only band that counts the
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