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NightShift Blues Band
“Order Form”
To order, please fill out this form including the number of copies for each CD that you wish to purchase.
In order to ensure the best possible service and a fast return of merchandise, all fields must be filled out.

Price per each unit: For Canadian orders Canadian funds: $20 (or) U.S funds: $15
Payable by cheque or money order to: The NIGHTSHIFT Blues Band.
Price includes shipping and handling.
Once the form is filled out,
on your browser toolbar go to file and then to print to make the copy you will send along with your payment to:
NSBB Productions, #50-6767 Thoroldstone Rd. Niagara Falls, ON, Canada L2J 3W9.
Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.
Thank you.
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Number of Copies to be purchased
Number of Copies to be purchased
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