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is the bands second CD with 10 original tracks that continue to show their powerhouse approach to the blues and their willingness to push the boundries. It starts out with a raunchy roadhouse grinder called "Slip It In", then moves on to a soulful instrumental, featuring Tirpko and his guitar, lamenting the tragic loss of a musician in "Blues for Billy C". "Eye To Eye" gets the funk out big time and "Roll Me Baby" gets everyone in the beer hall singing. The CD ends with a tear your heart out message of love torn apart with "He Can't Love You".
To hear RealAudio clips of songs from either of these CD's click on the pictures of the album jackets on this page.
is the debut CD. It consists of 10 original tracks written by George Tirpko and arranged by the band. Most of the album was recorded with the three band members together in a room, reacting the way they would on stage.
Recorded locally at Groundloop studios, offers everthing from driving Texas blues to the soulful R & B of "What's the Measure of a Man" (a tribute to the style of Marvin Gaye). The CD has a tight set of tunes guaranteed to keep the listener rockin' from beginning to end.
Copies of both CD's are available at local music stores, direct from the band at live performances, or by contacting.
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