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To Listen to these clips you require RealPlayer 8 Basic.
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1. Slip It In
1. Jump up Mary
2. Kids are Jumpin'
2. Wild Man Out of Me
3. Tore Me Out
3. Eyes on the Prize
4. Blues for Billy C
4. Lookin' for the Door
5. Price that I Pay

5. People Hold On

6. Natural Man
6. Bullet From a Gun
7. Blood from Stone
7. What Remains is a Whisper
8. Roll Me Baby
8. By the Book
9. Eye to Eye
9. What's the Measure of a Man
10. He Can't Love You
10. Complication
Hearing is believing!
Copies of both CD's are available at local music stores,
direct from the band at live
performances, or by using our order form and contacting
For Information & Booking Arrangements
Email us @:

(905) 358-5063    or    (905) 358-4422
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